The 2013 bike in full road bike livery. Welcome to the Honda TT Legends part of the website. Phase One Endurance personnel supported Honda TT Legends in the FIM Endurance World Championship as the team tried and failed to up to a winning position from nothing. After 2 years of near faultless reliability we suffered 2 significant failures plus our second major race stopping crash in the final year. However, the team did get 2 firsts, a second, a third and 2 6th places out of the 2 superbike races at the TT that year to go along with similar TT results previously so it was not all bad - if nothing else it proved that TT riders do much better when they are getting a lot of track time in Endurance before the TT! For the full story see the (now renamed) Honda TT Legends website.

For the 2014 season Honda started a full on attempt to win the Endurance World Championship using the CBR1000RR Fireblade SP and French endurance racing experts Julien Da Costa, Freddy Foray and Sebastien Gimbert - but I was not with them as I moved on to join R2CL, a Paris based team racing Suzukis whose entire budget is probably less than Honda spend on catering! So, just like the old days at Phase One! See the next chapter of the Endurance story on the R2CL pages.

This site is about an insiders perspective from a technical viewpoint so if you want to find out more about the series, tracks, riders, results etc please go to www.fim-live.com. If you want to find out what it's like to dive straight in at the deep end and do something completely different then the Phase One part of Mike's Endurance may be more helpful, if you want to read a blog telling what it is like to be in the pit for one of the top teams in a World Championship throughout its opening seasons then please read on and explore the site. Be careful though - you may be tempted to give it a go yourself and end up spending lots of money. I accept no responsibility if that happens!

The Latest News

The stand in team that got our first podium in Qatar. After the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds in 2012 the team were 2nd in the World Championship and also got their 1st podium with 3rd place in Qatar! This was not quite as good as it sounds as it was due to the other leading teams problems and the Honda Fireblades reliability rather than race pace. The fact is we are only 5th fastest on track - but we were still 2nd! It was the highest that I have ever been since I started racing in 2006!

Honda TT Legends pre-race photograph at the 2011 Bol d'Or.

The spare bike in full livery but without an endurance tank.

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