The 2015 bike, as seen at Le Mans. Welcome to the R2CL part of the website.

The first year was disapointing with a DNF at Oschersleben, only 2 points at Suzuka after a crash and early crashes in the two 24 hour races costing us lots of the bizarre bonus points that were introduced for 2014. It seems quite bizarre to me to reward failure to finish two 24hour races with up to 40 points (more than you can get for winning an 8 hour race!) - not to mention being competely contrary to the spirit of Endurance. 2015 was even worse with DNFs in both 24 hour races, a poor race at Oschersleben due to Vladimir Leonov not turning up and just outside the points at Suzuka. But for 2016 things improved on track and despite being totally financially shafted by the organisation shake up to the extent that we were unable to contest 25% of the races we still finished 9th in the championship due to a fabulous 4th place at Le Mans and 2nd of the EWC teams at Suzuka!

For those wondering what R2CL means errdersayel does not cunningly make up a French word, it is just the initials of the first names of the 4 most important people involved in founding the team, the R being for Raph, the original team manager (now deceased). One of the two C's is Cyril, the new team manager. Or is it 2 R's? L=Louis.

For more direct news from the team see the R2CL website.

This site is about an insiders perspective from a technical viewpoint so if you want to find out more about the series, tracks, riders, results etc please go to If you want to find out what it's like to dive straight in at the deep end and do something completely different then the Phase One part of Mike's Endurance may be more helpful, if you want to read a blog telling what it is like to be in the pit for the top private team in the World Championship taking on the factory teams then please read on and explore the site. Be careful though - you may be tempted to give it a go yourself and end up spending lots of money. I accept no responsibility if that happens!

The Latest News

R2CL in 2nd place on the Le Mans podium 2013. The 2016/17 season was one where we, along with other mid-ranking teams, were never going to be able to replace the funding that was removed by the championship organisers that is required to continue at that level. Therefore the plan was to use what money there was to make a decent effort at the 3 big races at least, develop the new Suzuki GSXR1000 and not properly contest the championship, hoping to form a base from which it would be possible to mount a decent challenge to the championship in 2017/18. Unfortunately we had rider problems at the Bol d'Or and development problems at Le Mans, followed by the tragic death of Team Manager Raph in a road accident just before Suzuka.

Raph on TV in 2014 at the Bol d'Or.Raph was the driving force behind R2CL and did almost all the work that is required for a team to arrive at the track with competitive bikes, riders, equipment and funding so there seemed little real prospect of the team continuing long term without him. However, our very good friends in the Japanese Modeler GP club suddenly found a cash sponsor willing to provide sufficient funds to pay for much of the technical work Raph used to do. This has enabled the team to continue, but only contesting the major races where the sponsor wishes to promote their Sun Chlorella brand name. This has resulted in an entry to the 2019 Daytona 200, a completely new experience for the team.

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